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Serene glass loggerhead sea turtle sculpture

Serene glass loggerhead sea turtle sculpture

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The GLASSnFIRE artists' designed this with the influence of the shallow, clear waters of the great barrier reef off the coast of Australia, and the incredible loggerhead sea turtles found there. This great loggerhead sea turtle is a combination of two features of the ocean brought together. First, the tidepools are formed when the tides of the ocean are out and leave in rocky areas there are beachfront small pools of water where small creatures of the ocean and many wonderfully colored plants wave back and forth with the movement of the water. This awesome loggerhead sea turtle has a tide pool anemone look inside of its turtle shell. 

The sculpture's base is made with a unique glass material called dichroic. The sculpture is approximately 6"W, 7"H, 4" D



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