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Extraordinary Glass Loggerhead Sea Turtle Necklace

Extraordinary Glass Loggerhead Sea Turtle Necklace

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You must see this for yourself, so try to picture this unique, spotted salt and pepper splashed all across the head and flippers of this handmade glass sea turtle pendant, with a deep crystal clean ocean coral bed that runs deep inside. Scuba divers dream of seeing visions of the ocean floor like what is in the seashell of this beautiful glass turtle that gives off a mysterious depth and mesmerizing wonder on the inside. As a glass artist, I have over 20 years working with glass and I truly believe that this art medium can bring out the very best in helping us to see the very best of our earth. I have also spent over 20 years studying the pattern and look of real sea turtles, and I think you will find that the head and flippers of these glass pendants have a natural look to them, like the great loggerhead sea turtle or Amarilla Tortuga as the folks on the coast of Oaxaca Mexico call it. If you feel you need to show all those around you that you have a love for these amazing creatures of the ocean then I highly recommend that you try this out for yourself. Please understand this is handcrafted by an intense flame from a glassblowing torch so color, styles, and shape may vary slightly for the original picture. The pendant is around 2 inches or (5 cm) from the top of the head to the bottom of the flipper, and it is created with strong durable glass, crafted with coe33 glass rods just like marbles are. Comes with adjustable nylon weave pattern necklace, adjusts from 16" to 28".

  • Hand Blown Glass Sea Turtle. Styles and Sizes Vary. Each Turtle is Unique!
  • Strong Durable Glass. Crafted with glass rods (lampworking) just like Murano glass.
  • The pendant is around 2 inches or (5 cm) from the top of the head to the bottom of the flipper.
  • Adjustable nylon waive pattern necklace, adjustes from 16" to 28"
  • Perfect gift for any sea turtle lovers



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