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The Stunning Glass Hawaiian Earrings Sea Turtle with a Beach Sandy Blonde Body, and Green Coral Reef Ocean Tide Pool Inside the Shell

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Although there are many species of sea turtles on and around the Hawaiian islands. The gorgeous Hawaiian green sea turtle, better known to the locals as the honu, is one of the few native turtles in Hawaii. In some Hawaiian legends, the honu was the guide that steered the first Polynesians to Hawaii. In real life, they are known to swim hundreds of miles to their own birthing place in order to lay eggs. 

This pair of Sea Turtle Earrings has been made with love and gratitude. I have spent over 20 years studying the pattern and look of real sea turtles, and I think you will find that the head and flippers of these glass pendants have a natural look to them, like the great green sea turtle or Honu as the Hawaiians call it. This fascinating sea turtle jewelry will make the best keepsake to remind all of the great attraction the honu has on people. The small sea turtle necklace has evolved with beautiful shiny colors to help enhance the charm of your place. This breathtaking pendant is a must-have for turtle lovers.

Why Choose Us?

Artists' Real Handicraft: Decorate, adorn and beautify yourself with these sea turtle necklaces for women that are expertly crafted with fine craftsmanship to ensure a real work of art that is attractive, stylish, and helps to add even more elegance to your life

✔Durable & Graceful: In order to make our sea turtle jewelry for women, we use only the finest quality coe33 glass that is expertly treated with various processes to reveal a creation that is utterly exquisite, smooth, shiny, and durable enough to enhance your charm for longer without losing its aesthetic appeal

Comfortable to Wear: Our beach Earrings come in a very suitable size that measures from the top of the head to the bottom of the flipper

Commitment to Quality: Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s why our artists use the best possible tactics while manufacturing our sea turtle necklace for girls. However, it is entirely handmade artwork, it may differ slightly in color, style, or shape from the original picture

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